Sunday, June 17, 2012

Federer edges at Garry Weber near to 7th WIMBLEDON

I have been following Roger’s progress at Halle over the last week and I am delighted at what I have seen. Not that I ever doubted him. I saw a lot of negativity from fans after the French Open which was unnecessary. I never felt Roger was going to win the French Open or even make the final. The hunt for major #17 really starts here. I felt it was important that he did well at Halle after the French Open just because people were starting to write him off like they usually do when he doesn’t win everything in sight.

The match against Raonic was always gonna be key. He was probably the most dangerous player in the draw after Nadal. Roger lost the first set in a tie break but got the break right away in the second set. Then it was just a question of holding serve to even things up at a set all. The third set went to a tie break again and this time Roger got the job done pretty comfortably. It was a serving contest and one that Roger simply had to win. Losing to Raonic after the French Open would have been almost a disaster. It’s amazing how Roger keeps beating these youngsters. He showed once again that Roger 3.0 went nowhere and that the ability to win the close matches is still there.

People just overreact way too easily. The big surprise of the tournament was of course that Nadal lost to Kohlschreiber in the quarters. Big upset. That pretty much gave Roger the title as long as he got past Raonic. Roger beat Youzhny easily today as the win against Raonic would have given him a lot of confidence. He will face Haas in the final who I am glad to see doing so well after time out of the sport. So I feel Roger pretty much has this title in the bag now. One more match but he should be able to take care of business. If he does so it would be just what was needed at this point. In a sense the French Open was a disappointment and needed to be put behind him.

Well Roger has lost Halle now and will be a strong favorite for Wimbledon. I said before that the US Open might be his best chance at a slam this year but we all know how special Wimbledon is for Roger. It is where he won his first slam and it would be peRFect if he can possibly win his last slam there and equal Sampras’ seven Wimbledon titles. I say ‘possibly’ because he can still win more than one slam if he keeps 3.0 level up. Well it’s been nice catching up with you guys. Happy the clay court season is behind us and that we are onto the grass!!

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