Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I never stopped believing

What can be said about Federer that hasn't already? He is pure, unadulterated class. The fact he also appears to be a very self-effacing and humble individual, despite all his immense achievements, is really the measure of the man. Frankly, he puts countless other supposed sports stars to state of being questioned!!

I hope that the people that usually say Federer should retire are ashamed of themselves right now!

This man is the reason why tennis has become my favourite sport, sometimes I just feel short of superlatives and adjectives to describe him, so I better don't use any of them now ..

Only one man conquered Roger from beginning till end .. i.e. Nadal ... but still, Nadal didn't managed to achieve so many other things that Roger achieved

... he is truly the GOAT with an only scar in his achievements in terms of Nadal .... just like moon has a scar too .... maybe it was necessary for motivation to become better and better.

Now, Federer and I have similiar dreams,Singles Golden Medal in London, SW19 ..

One thing about Federer's record is that it never tells the whole story. The style he plays is even more sublime than his slam count. And while someone may possibly exceed Fed's slam tally....I am pretty certain his tennis beauty will never be beaten.

his style...absolute beauty. thats the thing I fear. I am afraid tennis will loose half of its beauty when this great man retires...!!

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