Monday, April 16, 2012

Roger Federer: Humility vs. Pride

Federer has the career that has launched a thousand articles. His legacy leaves nothing left to prove, except to himself.

His long-term dominance is over, but he knows he can still taste Grand Slam victory a few more times. He knows the journey and its demands, and that his mental commitment must drive him to a career renaissance.

Federer knows to avoid the vanities of his great achievements. They will not serve him in winning his next title and conquering his two great rivals. There is no place for arrogance, even though he once brought the sport to its knees. Even the mighty Roger cannot outlast the game.

Instead, he has turned to a peaceful commitment in his efforts. He has appreciated his success with self-stated confidence, not demanding or expecting the tennis gods to entitle him with undeserved victory.

He is playing tennis with the humility of a wise champion. He respects the time he has to play now, and he will prepare himself to be worthy of every challenge.

Federer is playing excellent tennis, but there is something different about his confidence. It’s as apparent as the upgrade to his efficient backhand.

He is still the master, with his variegated array of shots and angles, and his court sense and acumen has not diminished a whit.

His aura sparkles with each crisp forehand, and there is an unshakable undertone and belief to his game.

Springtime has arrived in Miami, and Federer’s game may signal a rebirth of another glorious tennis season for the maestro. Whether he seizes this title or not, he is ready to battle with a sense of pride and strength that has always characterized the great ones.

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