Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fed-Ex Testifies

Most of us suspected whether , Roger has something left in his scabbard, an extreme dominance at the 2012 Madrid Open has shown there is still ginormous fighting spirit left in the future Hall of Famer.

As scary as it was to watch Federer lose the first set, his utter domination of Tomas Berdych through the final two sets proves just how talented he still is. Berdych is much younger than Fed-Ex, but Federer's undeniable ability to maintain his stellar play is the reason he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Despite complaints from every major star on the tour, Federer has kept his outlook on the blue-clay courts positive and he obviously benefited from that mental peace.

about playing on the blue court

“If you want to be a good claycourt player, you must be able to play everywhere. It is slippery, there's no doubt about that but that has been the case here for a few years. They haven't yet found the perfect balance. Our job each day is to adapt to the conditions that we face.”

Yet another class move by Federer who has been accused of pandering to the media by his fellow players. Instead of burying the court and conforming to how his fellow players act, he simply calls it how he saw it and rolled with the punches.

Maybe that’s why he is the greatest player on the tour right now and one of the greatest ever; while the other players complaining are simply not.

While a win at the 2012 Madrid Open doesn’t guarantee a great year on tour, it shows that he is on the right track and far from ready to retire.

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